City Wide Open Studios 2010

Artspace's 13th City-Wide Open Studios – from a few angles.

Tim Nikiforuk

After walking around for a few minutes after the opening and seeing work by Tim Nikiforuk was definitely an artist that I enjoyed seeing. I didn’t get a chance to chat with him but his work was something I personally enjoyed. His choice of medium and line work inspired me as I walked into the door. Nikiforuk’s work involved intricate line work, bold saturated colors and a possible mix of medium. These organic forms twisted, contrated and expanded to the ends of the page, as if he were trying to connect these organisms to one another. 

Tim Nikiforuk exhibited drawings that I must say made me quite jealous. His talent for controlling graphite in order to creative such beautiful portraits. These portraits capture the viewer’s gaze, locking you in to capture every detail until you move around the structure of the face, where his pencil work loosens up relieving you to lock eyes with the next portrait.

Neighboring Tim Nikiforuk, was an unknown artist, who created this towering structure out of beer cans, from companies I have never heard of before. I think some of those can’s may have been older then I am. I wish I knew whose work it was.


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Artist for Sale?

I thought Erector Square was overwhelming. So much creativity and so many artists who opened their spaces and showed their work. Alternative space truly made a come back. I was great! Happenings and music performances took over College St in New Haven. Alternative Space is not just a place to see art, its where you experience it. Eric Iannucci sold himself or he had himself up for sell… and his work too. Iannucci created work that was constructed and assembled with bits and pieces from so many other things. Clock parts, gears, springs, instrument parts, frames, the list goes on. But the best thing was that everything was on sale!f his work reminded me of Willie Bester’s work. Both artists create work that is so detailed, that allows the viewer to be curious.

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Back at Home!

Being back in New Haven at first made me nervous, I guess simply because I hadn’t been involved with this art scene for a while since I have been away at school. Though I was welcomed with open arms as always. “Art is a part of our culture here in New Haven, it distinguishes us from any other city,” says John Destefano, Mayor of New Haven. New Haven is the home of hundreds of artists of all ages and City Wide Open Studios is the place where we can all see and share. Greeted by many familiar faces during the opening event at Artspace for City Wide Open Studios, and I was quickly reminded of why City Wide Open Studios is my home. In 2006, I signed up to participate in City Wide Open Studios during the fall semester of my 2nd year in undergrad. I was prepared to just show some things I had been working on in my studio classes as a Art Ed major. The response to my work and my ideas was amazing. The community of artists and art lovers embraced me as an artist. By the end of that week after my return to Boston, I was officially a painting major. It all started at City Wide Open Studios 2006. It gave me a warm feeling to be in the mist of City Wide Open Studios 2010, with the crowd of people with creativity at heart.

I am excited to studio hop today at Erector Square!

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