City Wide Open Studios 2010

Artspace's 13th City-Wide Open Studios – from a few angles.

Sunday October 3rd

This past Sunday, October 3rd, I spent the day perusing the new Project Storefronts on Orange Street, as they were open in conjunction with City Wide Open Studios.  If you have not seen them yet, I highly recommend checking them out!  I think they’re an amazing use of storefront space in New Haven, and a vital way to foster more of an art/creative community in a city that has seen decline in both art and commerce the past few years.  I love the idea of giving an artists a chance to help carve out part of New Haven’s identity, and felt enlivened by visiting the spaces.

First I headed over to Detritus for a workshop

Beth Ann Royer and Edgar Garcia conducted a really neat workshop in how to make chapbooks

The group made some really well executed books!

Beth, Edgar, and Detritus also provided a great selection of artist books to flip through and be inspired by

I really can’t say enough about how great Detritus is; what an awesome resource for New Haven!  My book Circles is now available there

I checked out some of the other gallery spaces in Project Storefronts.  They look great!

The Crosby Street Gallery, a pop-up gallery in Project Storefronts

Next I headed over to Hanni Bresnick‘s studio on Lyon Street.  Hanni used to run Grand Projects not that long ago, remember it?

This ice cube tray sculpture was one of my favorite pieces of the weekend

Paintings of sculptures or sculptures of paintings?  I like those wall sculptures.

After that I had to head home, a bit sad I did not run into James Franco at City Wide Open Studios. He is a big contemporary collector…

Where are you, James?  Take a break from working on your fifth doctorate to support New Haven!


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Artspace Underground

On Saturday, Artspace hosted a signature ‘Underground‘ party at the gallery, with some live art, music, and of course drinks.   I hadn’t been to the gallery yet (gasp!) to see the exhibition with everyone participating in City Wide Open Studios, so I was glad to have a chance to check out the show.

If you haven’t seen the CWOS exhibit you should check it out.

Live something or other being created before your very eyes.

Personally, I was a huge fan of the snacks.  Did someone make that guacamole live, too?  Delicious.

This is a piece from one of my high school teachers, Anna Broell-Bresnick.

If Jesus had Machine Guns provided monochromed angst.

It soon got packed!  It was fun to see such a diverse crowd at Artspace

More three dimensional offerings from the show

I wonder where the after party was?

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Private Studios

This weekend, City Wide Open Studios peeks inside private studios all around the greater New Haven area.  It’s always neat to get the opportunity to look at the spaces where artists work, getting a firsthand glimpse into their process and hopefully insight into what they’re thinking about.  I brought my friend Kiki to check out the spaces at 91 Shelton Street in New New Haven this afternoon, really great, spacious studios with amazing views.

I liked this hat sculpture in Philip Lique‘s studio.

some of Lique’s mixed media collages.

and another one of Lique’s pieces on the floor.

Cool Tools

A peek into Laura Marsh‘s sculpture studio

Oops, got distracted by Trina….

We stopped to chat with Perry Obee

Perry paints interior views of his studio

One more of Perry’s pieces

Expose yourself to art

Check out these views!  I’m very jealous of these spaces.  Weren’t there more artists here a few years ago?

Well it’s been a while since I’ve been here, it’s good to see a lot of work going on at 91 Shelton St.  Thanks Kiki for coming with me!

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