City Wide Open Studios 2010

Artspace's 13th City-Wide Open Studios – from a few angles.

SERA Salon: Social Experiments Relational Acts

This weekend at the Alternative Space, City-Wide Open Studios hosts SERA (Social Experiments Relational Acts) Salon, examining the notion of art as service – in a vacant, fully-outfitted nail salon.

Artspace has cleaned the salon, but left its original trappings – magazines, customer autographs, nail polish tubes, manicure tables and pedicure tables – intact. From 12 pm – 5 pm on Saturday, October 9, and Sunday, October 10, visitors will be able to participate in a series of site-specific experiments, developed by various artists and organized by Ted Efremoff.

One such experiment is “IMAGICURE: an imagination exchange for creative alternatives,” developed by Steven Dahlberg. In IMAGICURE, visitors are invited to to contribute an idea about how to infuse more creativity in education.  In his statement to Artspace, Dahlberg adds that, “A salon is inherently a place of social interaction, where ideas are exchanged and community is built….This experience explores creativity in service to self and the community.”

Dahlberg focuses on applied imagination in search of creative alternatives. He is interested in how creativity improves the well-being and flourishing of those who engage in it. He directed an international creativity conference and currently heads the International Centre for Creativity and Imagination.

The project also includes the relational act, WAIT.  WAIT engages its participants through a “Take-a-Number” ticket dispenser “Take-a-Number” ticket dispenser, and other permutations of symbolic place holders, that only exist to allow access to a future experience or object.  This is a relational act intended to discover, or at least approximate what we are waiting for?   What are the philosophical existential implications of  waiting? When do we wait? What does waiting feel like?

WAIT has been developed by John O’Donnell.  O’Donnell was conceived on Halloween, born on his father’s birthday, and raised in Montana. He lives and works in Connecticut. He has exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum, the International Print Center in New York, and the Seoul Museum of Art in Korea. John creates installations, videos, performances, prints and works on paper.

Also participating are PRAXIS, the joint project of Delia Bajo and Brainard Carey.  Among many other notable achievements and innovations, the pair have previously participated in the Whitney Biennial.

Please join us this weekend to celebrate this unique event.  Social Experiments and Relational Acts await you…


Photos by Adi Segal, for Artspace.  More can be found here….


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Artists participating in the Alternative Space!

Tomoko Abe
Janice Barnish
Gene Beery
Barry Braman
Colin Burke
Mark Burns
Eileen Carey
Melanie Carr Eveleth
Dave Coon
Sean Corvino
Chris Cozzi
Steve Dahlberg
Robert Davis
Marion Doherty
Lanse Dowdell
Ted Efremoff
Jessica Fazzini
Rob Greenberg
Barbara Hocker
Marion Hunt
Aileen Ishmael
Eric Iannucci
Richard Kallweit
Kelly Kapfer
Harvey Koizim
Lauren Laudano
Eric Lidtke
Esdras Lubin
Kim Mikenis
Albert Municino
Tim Nikiforuk
John O’Donnell
Rebecca Paker
Rob Parkman
Margaret Rolecke
Tom Regner
Mark Regni
Martha Savage
Alyssa Scioritina
Cris Shirley
Robert Sibold
Suzan Shutan
Krys Swiattek
Kevin VanAelst 

Plus a team of Coop HS Students!

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Thank Hank!

Hank Hoffman from CT Arts Scene spent some time at Erector Square last weekend getting to know several artists.  Read some of his exciting conversations here.

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We’ve added a few last-minute adjustments to the studios for this weekend.  You can click here to download a .pdf of these changes, too!

Home studios

  • (154) John Bent 838 Whalley Avenue, New Haven unable to participate
  • (172) Lucienne Coifman 11 Hickory Hill Road, North Haven open Sunday, October 3
  • (210) Kevin Van Aelst 93 Olive Street, New Haven in Alternative Space, October 9-10
  • (211) Kim Mikenis 93 Olive Street, New Haven in Alternative Space, October 9 – 10
  • (216) Susan Clinard 14 Gilbert Street, West Haven also at Creative Arts Workshop, October 3

Studio spaces

  • 85 – 87 Willow Street will be open on Sunday, not Saturday.
  • 39 Church Street will feature some artists in their studios on both days this weekend and next weekend.

These changes are confirmed as of October 1, 2010.

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Congratulations, Martha!

Stephen Kobasa reviews new work by our Martha Lewis in the New Haven Independent!

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Tinkering with the Toolbox

We’re always pleased to make the artist’s toolbox available as part of City-Wide Open Studios.  Right now, we’re updating it to include invites for September 25-26, October 2-3, October 2 only, October 9-10, and October 9 only.  Stay tuned!

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Introducing our bloggers.

This year’s City-Wide Open Studios is bursting with energy.  Over 200 artists are opening their studio doors — or exhibiting at our Alternative Space.  They’ll also be giving lots of demonstrations and artist talks, too.  We’re also hosting some exciting events, like our Festival Kick-Off on September 24 and the first Underground of the school year!

In keeping with the collaborative spirit of City-Wide Open Studios, we’ve asked a few of our friends to blog about their experiences.  Some are opening their doors, some are coming home, some are cycling through it, and some are exploring all that New Haven’s rich artist community has to offer. Without further ado, allow us to introduce:

Read the rest of this entry »

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Introducing our blog.

Over the past twelve years, City-Wide Open Studios (CWOS) has drawn thousands of visitors to explore New Haven’s neighborhoods while discovering artists, galleries, and the treasures of our city.

City-Wide Open Studios celebrates contemporary art in all its myriad forms, and is undoubtedly Connecticut’s leading visual arts event. Art dealers and curators from the region and beyond have used CWOS as a resource to discover new artists, plan upcoming shows, and buy art. As one of the largest open studios programs in the country, CWOS connects hundreds of local artists with the greater New Haven community — and beyond.

City-Wide Open Studios is a program of Artspace, a Connecticut non-profit organization presenting local and national visual art, providing access, excellence, and education for the benefit of the public and the arts community.

This year’s City-Wide Open Studios promises more interactive demonstrations, exciting events, and the return of the Alternative Space!  And in the true spirit of openness and collaboration, we’ve asked a few of our friends to blog about their City-Wide Open Studios experiences.  Stay tuned for the introductions.

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Opening weekend!

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Coming soon!

Coming soon!

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