City Wide Open Studios 2010

Artspace's 13th City-Wide Open Studios – from a few angles.

Artists participating in the Alternative Space!

Tomoko Abe
Janice Barnish
Gene Beery
Barry Braman
Colin Burke
Mark Burns
Eileen Carey
Melanie Carr Eveleth
Dave Coon
Sean Corvino
Chris Cozzi
Steve Dahlberg
Robert Davis
Marion Doherty
Lanse Dowdell
Ted Efremoff
Jessica Fazzini
Rob Greenberg
Barbara Hocker
Marion Hunt
Aileen Ishmael
Eric Iannucci
Richard Kallweit
Kelly Kapfer
Harvey Koizim
Lauren Laudano
Eric Lidtke
Esdras Lubin
Kim Mikenis
Albert Municino
Tim Nikiforuk
John O’Donnell
Rebecca Paker
Rob Parkman
Margaret Rolecke
Tom Regner
Mark Regni
Martha Savage
Alyssa Scioritina
Cris Shirley
Robert Sibold
Suzan Shutan
Krys Swiattek
Kevin VanAelst 

Plus a team of Coop HS Students!


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